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In 2011 HitBridge started providing

SEO and programming support for mid-size businesses.

In 2013, HitBridge developed its first mobile app, adding to the list of capabilities of a relatively small firm. In 2015, seeing a need for small businesses to have a custom high end website with an affordable payment option, HitBridge started what is now

Everything Websites.

Five years to the very date that HitBridge was formed,

Website Backup Bot

was launched. Now a veteran website development and hosting company, we used almost every alternative the market had to offer for website and database backup services. Everyone, including the big guys, fell short either in reliability or price. So we developed our own in house alternative and decided to offer a reliable, cost effective and easy to use backup service. With Website Backup Bot, HitBridge, once again, filled a gap in the market place.


In a sentence,

HitBridge is a combination of a house of brands and an incubator for entrepreneurialism and technology.

With two current and successful brands, past successes with capital generating projects and future ideas in the works, HitBridge looks toward the future with great optimism. HitBridge is 100% self-funded with no outside investors and is 100% solvent with zero debt or liabilities. The HitBridge culture is dedicated to the sincere idea of success is achieved only if it is mutual between all parties involved. Our products and services must meet an honest need and provide a result that either meets or exceeds expectations.